Can I have my pocket money now?

I was shocked to see this article in the Daily Telegraph today. I remember joking with Mathew a couple of weeks back that Gordon Brown and socialists like him would prefer the tax rate to be 100% and then give people back an allowance according to how much they deem we all should have.  Much in the same way as a parent gives pocket money to his children.  The state provides for all the important things such as health and education, leaving the people an allowance to spend on frivolous items like Flat Screen TVs and holidays.  Except of course, in a true socialist utopia we would be lucky if the allowance stretched to an extra portion of potatoes on a Sunday.

 And on that line where one end is liberty and the other tyranny, the idea that a government could tax you at 100% and then let you have an amount back according to what Vince Cable currently thinks is a fair distribution of wealth, would be considered by most reasonable thinking people to be definitely placed on the tyranny side of the line. Yet, the reach of the state has grown not with the jackboot.  Uniformed sofa inspectors bashing down your door and carting away the third sofa under the latest two-sofa-per-household pogram.  Today’s Big Government grows because it is good for you.  Today’s tyranny always comes with a smiley face.  It’s for the good of the folks.  So expect to see lots of stories in the press about millions of people suffering from a system in chaos.  It would be so much better if you would just hand all your cash over to the nice chaps at the HMRC and let them sort it out.

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