All non-believers vil be exterminated

Last week the Global Warming Industry shot themselves in the foot in spectacular style.  In a move which will be talked about in marketing seminars for a long time, the 1010 climate change NGO released a video clip on the internet to raise awareness of 10th October, when they will push people to reduce their emissions by 10%.  With global warming no longer a big issue with voters and skepticism on the rise, they hoped that the deliberately provocative video would get the topic back in the news. 

The video certainly did that, but not in the way that 1010 originally intended.  Featuring exploding children and copious amounts of blood and gore, the clip seemed to advocate blowing up in Jihadi style, all non-believers.   Even as the clip went viral, appearing in blogs and websites all over the world, the people at 1010 didn’t seem to realize the extent of the disaster they had created, brushing off the growing outcry with a limp non-apology. However, over the weekend hundreds of thousands more people saw it, shaking their heads in disbelief and then sending it on to their friends with emails that said “you will not believe this!” By Monday morning the corporate sponsors of this well funded NGO were writing in to cut off their association and 1010 was in full damage control mode.  However, it wasn’t just 1010 that was damaged, but the whole Global Warming Industry.  For if the reason you exist is to convince people that the world is going to end, then the last thing you need are people saying “these guys are nuts”.

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