Man, it feels good to be a gangsta – Evo Morales remix

Gangster governments abound in Latin America.  Demagoging utopia to the poor and uneducated, they achieve power using democracy (or for the guy in the middle of the picture, the gun), only to undermine it to stay in power.  Whether it be restrictions on the freedom of press, setting the tax authorities on rivals, stacking the justice system with favourable judges, nationalization or undermining  state institutions with a corrupting network of placemen and cronies, anything goes to further their wealth and power.  It revolts me to see how western lefties fawn over thugs like Castro of Cuba, Chavez of Venezuela  or Evo Morales of Bolivia.   It seems that wearing a green combat shirt or ethnic clothing gives these people a free pass to impoverish millions of the people they are supposed to be championing.

 Evo Morales is a case in point.  He rose to power as a trade union agitator, was instrumental in toppling a centre-right government through fomenting street protests and blockades and has then set about changing the constitution in his favour.  Juan Carlos Hidalgo over at Cato has the detail.  In the video below you can see him kneeing an opposing football player, and from the way he does it, you can tell he’s got previous.

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