Saif al-Qaddafi: Artist, Philanthropist, Reformer, Psycho Nutjob

Saw this article over at Foreign Policy.   Qaddafi’s son Saif, fancied himself as something of an artist and was given to subjecting fawning supplicants to private exhibitions of his work. 

I had a bit of a chuckle over a segment from a Guardian review of one exhibition.

Ever since Nero, there has been a depressing connection between bad art and megalomaniac regimes: Hitler the opera lover, architect and painter; Stalin the poet; Tony Blair the rock guitarist.

I remember an ex-Government minister (I can’t remember the name), saying that she used to put a really bad modern art painting in her office on the wall behind her.  She called it her “B—S–t Detector”.  Any new advisor when first introduced to her would be asked their opinion of the painting.  If they loved it she knew she couldn’t trust them to give her genuine opinions.

I love the faces of the people in the picture.  Obviously if you were out to trouser some serious lolly from the Qaddafi Foundation then the correct answer would be “Inspirational! Magnificent!”

So I suppose the LSE, Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson and the rest, thought the paintings were masterpieces as well.


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