UKIP – A tiny minority, and so extreme. Just like the Lib-Dems.


Angus and Reid's March Poll

I see that Daniel Hannan has posted on the anti-UKIP bias at the BBC.  All parties opposed to the EU whether they be the True Finns of Finland or the PVV of Holland are always portrayed as small, extreme and with a whiff of fascism about them.  Something right-minded people should cross the street to avoid.  Hence when discussing poll numbers the BBC tends to lump the BNP and UKIP together.  “Minority parties such as the BNP and UKIP….”  You will never catch them putting the BNP and the Greens together.  This though would actually be much more representative of the real numbers and indeed more representative of their actual policies (apart from immigration).  For both the BNP and the Greens essentially adhere to old school Big Government Socialism whereas the UKIP are more small government types. 

Anyway, with the Lib-Dems tanking in the polls and UKIP going from 5% in December 2010 to 8% in March 2011(H/T The Tap Blog), I can’t wait for the day when I’ll switch on the BBC and hear, “minority parties such as the BNP and the Lib-Dems….”.



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